Shining my laser pointer at airplanes?! Safe? Yes no?

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Pilsner Man: Your laser pointer is six inches, right? No.

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Pilsner Man:
No. It is a Federal offense. If caught (they CAN be pinpointed), there is often a mandatory jail term in a Federal prison and up to $15,000 fine per occurrence. If you are a minor, then your parents can be prosecuted. So far, the severest penalty has been a 14 year prison sentence. FACT

I've been lasered twice this year while piloting commercial flights. One of them caused temporary blindness in one eye. Fortunately I was able to pinpoint the exact home this laser emanated from, a police helicopter was dispatched, they were also lasered and this led to a successful arrest and prosecution with a 5 year jail term and a $30,000 fine handed down. Because of this incident I suffered a severe headache, unbalanced vision and had to take several days off from work. I also had to undergo an expensive eye examination from a retinal specialist. Fortunately there was no permanent damage, otherwise the perpetrator could have faced an even harsher punishment.

Eric West:
Very unsafe and highly illegal, the police will take a very dim view and if you happen to meet the pilot you dazzled he is likely to introduce the laser pointer to you in a way the manufacturer did not intend.

The laser will shine where the sun doesn't!

Bear B:
It can be very dangerous for pilots and that is why it's illegal. And if you get caught doing that, it's a federal charge. Don't forget that the federal fines can be very stiff and they DO have enough room to keep you locked up for a while. And you'll do all of your federal time; there is no early release for good behavior.
Your tiny little pencil pointer and your laser point my be damaged by the police when you are arrested, a really stupid troll dude, get a life snowflake.
Not safe
Not legal
Punishment not severe enpugh
it will not harm your laser pointer

being tackled by the police a little later on might damage it

Point it at a police helicopter, and then you can ask the SWAT team that turn up and kick down your door a few minutes later.
Wait until the Feds show up to arrest you and ask them through your lawyer.