Should I buy a car from car rental agencies such as Hertz and Enterprise, or should I go straight to a dealership?

Assuming I can find cars in the same price range, year, and mileage in both?
Basically, what are the pros and cons of each?

Best Answer:

Johnny: The old saying that people abuse rentals is mostly bee ess. There may be a few here and there, but the vast majority of rentals are driven by mature, responsible people, are in great shape, and usually are a good buy.

They're usually sold after 2 years, so how abused could they actually BE?

If you're nervous, get it looked at by a mechanic.

Other answer:

Rental agencies lease them and they get sold at dealer auctions. They may have the option of buying some of them if they can find a retail buyer.

Compare what you get at each place. My car was a former Avis rent a car, sold to a dealer who then sold it to a drug dealer who drove it for a while before it got impounded. Then it sat up in inside storage for a year before selling it to me.

I saved somewhere around $3500-4000 off an identical car at CarMax or carvana.

Hertz and Enterprise are dealers. There is absolutely no difference. In fact the car would probably be cheaper at the Enterprise lot because the Chevy dealer would have to buy the car from Enterprise in order to sell it on their lot.

Dealers get their inventory from auctions. Enterprise and Hertz sells their cars at auctions. The real good ones they keep and sell themselves at their own dealerships.

I looked into buying a rental and the general consensus was they do not use high quality oil or filter, don't do all the maintenance (cost savings at every turn since they have no long term vesting in the vehicles). Rentals are often driven hard like a borrowed mule…..prices aren't that great either. Better off getting a certified used car from a dealer with warranty.
People bet the snot out of rental cars.