Should I feel bad about this?

It was raining all day today, so the streets locally were quite flooded. On my way to work, I purposely changed lanes so I could splash this woman walking on the sidewalk.

Best Answer:

The White Chick: We should be friends! That is priceless!

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The White Chick:
Some people call it god others call it karma others still say a chaotic universe has rules. negative energy comes back so does positive energy call it what you like. Someday whatever is out there may want to even the score a little.
Person with Question:
Congratulations on posting a troll story that no intelligent person would actually believe. The internet at its finest!
If she got your number the police will be coming to see you very soon. It's assault. Look forward to a whole lot of trouble.
It seems clear you already are confused about how you should feel . For most people the answer would be clear . Frankly it LOOKS bad( no matter how YOU feel)..
I would say yes, but I agree it is okay to laugh a bit about it.
Yes you should feel guilty, but It's ok to laugh and feel bad at the same time 😛
Normal. Bitches can't drive anyways

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