Should i get a 2016 challenger 2016 camaro or a 2016 mustang gt? All v8 trim?

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Welp Camparo probably has the best crash rating and is known for quality the last mustang I saw in a car crash it about cut in half from its weak frame so YUP a Camaro.And a 2016 Camaro SURE WHY NOT do you have 30k to lease? Sure and v8 GREAT and that's a extra 5k-10k option bumping it to 35-40k.
from what I understand. The camero is the most reliable. The mustang is the cheapest, and the challenger is the largest, meaning it has the biggest rear seat and trunk space.

You should get a camero if you want a reliable, good looking car that can go zoom.
You should get the mustang if price is a big factor. i hear that there is a lot of plastic in the interior.
You should get a Challenger if you want a car that has a functional backseat that can go zoom. Challengers are probably the most unreliable of the three but not bad.

They Are All Fat, Ugly, And Slow. If You Want A Proper Muscle Car, Buy A 90's Or Early 00's Viper. Then You Can Be A Man.
Old Man Dirt:
It is like this-
1. Check Consumers Reports on the question of reliability.
2. Check road test reports in magazines you identify with.
3. Test drive them all.
It is my guess that if you want a car that is fun to drive, reliable and cost effective you will choose a Mustang.
If you into appearances then the Challenger is the one.
If you are into hype then go with the Camaro.
Love big words:
Hmm! Personally a mustang would be MY preference
None of those. Get an E63 AMG… V8 trim 😉
If it's the SRT, I'd go with the challenger. If not, the Camaro
Timbo is here:
Get the one you like most and stop worrying about what random unknown people think.