Should I replace my alternator or get a secondary battery?

I'm running a Hifonics BRX2000.1D and when I turn up the volume, the bass cuts out because it's not receiving enough power. So should I replace my alternator or get a secondary battery?

Best Answer:

Ethan: It is not the alternator, or the battery. It is cutting off because it cannot get enough amperage. Use bigger cables, at least 2 gauge on the power and the ground. Ensure the ground is good. If you put a second battery, put it in the trunk, run 4 gauge cables to the battery in the front, and 2 gauge to the amp.

You could be cutting out because you are overdriving the input. Trim the input sensitivity to see if that fixes it first.

The capacitor will not help. Period. I have built lots of systems, and the capacitor is the biggest waste of money in stereos. Check you current draw and voltage and see just how long that capacitor will power the unit. At best a few seconds. Does nothing.

Other answer:

Your amplifier is most likely clipping into the protect mode when you crank the volume up.

Amplifiers go into protect mode for several reasons.

1. Your gain is set too high.
2. Your amp is overheating.
3. The impedance does not match up.
4. You have the bass boost set too high.
5. Your voltage is dropping below 12 volts.
6. Your battery needs to be replaced.
7. Your amplifier is defective.
8. Etc…

don r:
You need another battery. You need to turn the volume down. You need a hearing aid.
Its not the alternator because your vehicle still turns on. You need a capacitor or get the double battery.