Should it be made illegal for airplanes to dump fuel in mid air?

Ah i see but isnt it bad for the enviroment?i understand having to do it before crash landing but why do it just because you have to make an emergency landing because of an unruly passenger

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?: Fuel dumps are not undertaken lightly, and when they do occur are normally high enough that the fuel dissipates into such a fine aerosol that it evaporates and widely disperses long before it reaches the ground. Effectively it's like complaining about a person piddling in a large swimming pool; it's undesirable but is so diluted it's no real problem.

Dumping fuel to offload a passenger is done because the fully fuelled airliner is too heavy to land. So there's three choices to reduce the weight to a safe level: dump fuel, eject the contents of the baggage hold, or throw passengers out of the back door.

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You realize that fuel dumping is done only when the aircraft maximum landing weight for the available runway is below the current weight of the airplane, and that dumping fuel is done so as to reduce the risk of accident that will cause all that fuel to de dumped in the environment regardless, on TOP of causing the possible destruction of the aircraft PLUS the risk to human life?
And the instances where such dumping occur can be counted on the fingers of one hand?

I have another suggestion for you: how about making murder illegal. Do you think that doing so will reduce the crime rate?

Eric West:
Fuel is not dumped lightly, not least because it is expensive!

The overall consideration is the safety of the people on board the aircraft, if it is necessary to land, it is also necessary for the aircraft to be able to stop in the length of the runway available. Higher weight means higher speed on landing and longer to stop.

There is also a substantial risk of fire in the brakes if you have to stop a heavily overloaded aircraft on a short runway.

There are numerous reasons why you might consider an emergency landing. An unruly passenger can be a real danger, especially if another, separate, emergency occurs. If a passenger cannot be restrained, then that is an emergency justifying an emergency landing and the dumping of fuel, (if that facility is available and on many aircraft it is not).

No. The safety of the people on board an aircraft trumps any environmental concerns (which are almost nil… since the fuel is atomized before it reaches the ground and there are plenty of hydrocarbons on and around the earth). This includes dumping fuel for an emergency landing because of an unruly passenger.
And the first time a long haul 747 or A380 has to make an emergency landing straight after take off and bursts into flames with full tanks and 500 people on board they'll make it legal again.
Bear B:
So, how many people do you want to kill with such a rule? Pilots only dump fuel if it's absolutely critical to reduce the weight to make a safe landing!
Planes only dump fuel in emergencies. I seriously doubt anyone will take up your cause.
I will let you explain to the pilot why he has to belly land his damaged plane, overweight with a full load of flammable fuel on board… So an emergency landing becomes a crash, and it's a crash with full fuel tanks.
Angela D:
they dump fuel for a reason.
Love big words:
It's not a common practice.