So about a month ago I got into a accident where i rear end this lady driving a Audi.?

Now I getting from her insurance company saying that I have to pay almost 10k in damages. Is there a way to fight this?

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Ira R:
Rear end is NEVER a dispute of fault for the following reasons:
-following too closely
-not paying attention
-not keeping an assured distance.

Sounds like you did not have insurance, so yes, you owe every friggin dollar her insurance paid for this accident, and they will have proof of every penny paid.

So, have a couple of options, and that is to pay it, or set up a payment plan with the insurance. If not, they can sue, and depending in what state you live in, could garnish your wages and have your license suspended till paid off.

Now, (if) you had insurance, then file it with them and they will pay.

Since you apparently didn't have insurance (illegal and dumb), you better get yourself an expensive lawyer to fight this. Most likely you'll lose since Audi luxury cars are very expensive to repair, even for relatively minor damage. Good thing it wasn't worse, where you injured or killed someone. Then you would REALLY be in trouble.
Passive Agresssor:
Would be surprised if your license isn't suspended – of course, you may keep driving but you won't be able to get insurance, finance anything, etc. etc. . . . . and if you were at fault and don't make good on the repairs, the injured party will sue and take whatever you have now or will earn until damages are paid.
You rear ended her. You're at fault. No fighting it. Your insurance will cover it.
What's that? You don't have insurance? Now you know why driving without insurance is idiotic.
Pilsner Man:
I guess you didn't have insurance? If not, get a lawyer, but it probably won't help. One of the first things in the driver's license manual is info on insurance requirements. You lose in the game of life.
Obi Wan Knievel:
Yes there is a way to fight this, also known as the way to lose this. When you respond to the insurance company's legal team, jump up and down and insist that it isn't fair.
Did you turn over all the accident info to your insurer, Ira? Hopefully you did. If you had your insurer would represent your side of the story if you believe you were not at fault.
Scott H:
Why isn't your insurance paying to fix her car? Let me guess – you have the state minimum liability coverage and her repairs exceeded your limit by $10,000? No, there's no way to fight it. You are financially responsible for the damages you cause while driving.
Fight what? What if it was your car that needed 10k worth of repairs – karma is a biotch.
Linda R:
Seriously? YOU rear ended another car………..YOU are at fault.