So I have a 2016 Dodge Challenger RT plus. 5.7L V8 and i wanna delete my mufflers and resonators and add straight pipe.?

Is there anything that can go wrong with doing that? I m trying to do research but I get different answers. Does it **** up the exhaust within time? Does it lose horsepower or add? Lose torque or add? Is drone bad?

Other answer:

I changed my exhaust from the cats back. I have two 40 series flow masters and then straight back. Tubes are 2.5 diameter. Sounds good. Not loud enough to me. Could be louder. My 70 cuda 440 had same 40 series, but cam and headers gave it a better rumble. The stock 2014 hemi with 40 series is tame. But you will get interior drone at some lower RPMs. No noticeable horse power gains. But makes it sound fun. Could be louder. I heard the hemi with comp cam 274 phaser and it is tamed by the computer VVT. Not noticed really, only at low end torque.
It's your car. You can do anything you want with it, but don't be surprised if local law enforcement does not agree with your choices. There ARE laws about noise and emissions controls that may not conform with your plans.
It will sound like it is seriously broken and will lose power. It is tuned far beyond your ability to improve it.
Say bye bye to your Dodge warranty!
It's illegal, and it would annoy the hell out of anyone around, not that you would give a ****.
on these new cars the exhaust system from the factory is tuned to give the engine the best hp,

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