So im going for my first car and i cant seem to choose from the the 3016 nissan nismo, 2016 subaru brz, or 2016 scion frs. Help me choose.?

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Jay P:
The BRZ and FR-S are the same vehicle under the skin. It really comes down the minor styling tweaks and slightly different suspension set-up between the two vehicles to determine which you prefer.

Nissan does not have a model called "Nismo" but rather they have their Nismo performance/tuning division that makes performance versions of some of their model lines, such as the Juke, 370Z, etc.

Robert J:
If you actually want to be able to afford to drive it legally – and live long enough to get another car – you probably want a more practical vehicle as your first car.

Starting with a really high-performance car is totally stupid! You have around a 90% chance of wrecking it and likely yourself and others in the process…

Get an average car – something with little value, a few years old – and drive that for a year or two to build up your on-road driving skill. That will be affordable to insure and no great loss of you bend it..

Everything to do with controlling the vehicle must be at pure reflex level as you do not have time to think at high speed, and the only way to build those reflexes is time and practice.

Driving is no different to learning to play an instrument or balance a bike; you need to get all the basic things to true reflex level before you can become skilled.

If you have to *think* where any control is or what to do with them at any point, you can be in a wreck before your attention switches back to the road & other vehicles.

It's no reflection of future ability, it's purely time and experience to get there.

If you are referring to the 370Z for the first one, all three are sales flops. The 370Z lacks improvements over the years and the BRZ/FRS both lack power.
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