So the pcv valve broke off?

where the hose connection goes and it was spewing water. Can I just replace the valve where the hose connection goes or will I have to replace the entire valve? I tried posting a pic but I am having technical difficulties.

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bob f:
If you say water is spewing from the pcv valve; whatever you're smoking, let me hit it.
if it is spewing water it isn't the PCV valve, unless something really crazy is happening
A PCV valve doesn't "spew water". It's for venting vapors from the crankcase.
A PCV valve is not hooked up to anything that has water in it. Sounds to me like you better tow the car to a mechanic because you will screw the motor up!!
twinkle toes:
So, the actual ball valve is in tact, but the hose connection broke. It looks like you can replace it….😥

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