Someone just offered to sell me a Yugo for 1,000 dollars. Should I try to haggle with him to bring the price down?

Other answer:

You can haggle any private seller.

I am not sure what a Yugo is but if you think that the price is a little too high for what he's asking for, go right ahead and lower it, it doesn't hurt to try

A Yugo is worth about a stick of gum. Don't buy this car even if the guy gives YOU money to take it. It's junk. It will be nothing but trouble.
Yugo 45 or Yugo 55 … I don''t know any Yugo that worth so much …. its from 100 to 200 bucks
Dan B:
Yes. Haggle down to $0. Then sell it to a scrap yard for $80.
Why haggle?

A yugotroll is a steal at any price.

Don Tireman:
Forget the Yugo. You'll go putt putt down the road to Breakdown City while the seller goes laughing "Sucker!" all the way to the bank.
Offering you $1000 to haul it away? Honestly, these were the worst car ever sold in the USA and they arenot worth 5 cents. Also be aware that parts cannot be found for them.
Before you even consider this purchase you need to locate a shop that will service the car and a reliable source for parts. These cars were not sold for very long in the US and locating a qualifiued mechanic and new parts isnt going to be easy. crap when they were brand new so a used one is going to be extremely unreliable.
Sure. Tell them to drop a 0 off the price
I've only seen one Yugo in the last five years, and it was in a museum….