Surveillance cameras are everywhere now. How do feel about on in the bathroom?

For you safety.

Best Answer:

USA: -It dunna bother Me. I always have a Smile on my face when I go to the Bathroom- anyway ! 🙂

Other answer:

Security cameras in rest rooms are in the traffic areas and NOT looking into the stalls/urinals. That is a violation of privacy that is illegal in most municipalities.
Obi Wan Knievel:
I like to smile and wave and do a little tap dancing. Why not make a show out of it.

You do realize they're watching this thread, and probably your bedroom right now, right? They (you know, them) are everywhere.

Pilsner Man:
They aren't in the bathroom, arsloch. That is totally not legal.
If I have to go bad enough, I'm not in a position of caring who's watching.
Dan B:
Illegal – can't be installed in bathrooms, dressing rooms, hotel/motel rooms or other places where privacy is expected.
Provided it is not in the direction of me doing my business, fine.