The drivers are basically responsible for the accidents?

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No, they're not. The owners are responsible for accidents, not the drivers.

That's how the law works in every state and province, plus pretty much the entire civilized world. If I let you drive my truck and you crash it, you didn't just have an accident. I did. I'm the owner, so all the damage bills and lawsuits are my problem. You might have a traffic ticket or six to deal with, but you're not financially responsible for the damage.

Don't feel bad for me, I knew the risk I was taking when I handed you the keys. And if I didn't know, I just found out the hard way. Lots of people find this one out the hard way.

A driver is only responsible for any moving violations they may receive from law enforcement while driving a borrowed motor vehicle. The vehicle owner and their insurer are responsible for accidents, damages, and damage costs the driver might cause. That's the law.
If the driver violated the law in causing the accident, he is accountable for his actions but the owner of the vehicle (and his insurance company) are responsible for damages and injuries.
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99%. Without a driver…..a car goes nowhere.
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Who else would be responsible?