Tips for driving for amateurs?

I started driving with my permit yesterday for the first time. Any tips for the next time I take a spin? Specifically on the basics

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Keep it between the lines and out of the ditches. Stop at STOP signs and at red traffic lights. Don't follow other cars too closely.

Obey speed limits. Use your mirrors and turn signals. Do NOT make any sudden moves, lane changes, stops, starts — it confuses other drivers.

Watch out when backing out of parking places. Watch for other people backing out of parking spaces. Parking lot accidents are the most common, although rarely serious.

Watch what other drivers are doing, especially if there is ANY chance they may pull into your path — or that you'll pull into their path. Other drivers don't always do what is correct or what you think they will do. Remember, idiots can get drivers licenses just like everyone else.

Remember, when you think you have become a good safe driver, you will be mistaken. It takes years of experience to become a good safe driver. Overconfidence mixed with inexperience is a killer.

Aim high in your steering. As in not just right in front of you. If your view is down the road you can better anticipate traffic, traffic signals, upcoming intersections, etc.
"The next time you take a spin?"… You MUST have a licensed ADULT sitting in the passenger seat next to you ANY TIME you drive.
use your mirrors to tell where you are in the lane..point them down a little even..especially when backing up…helps help car straight
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I just would tell you: be careful and so: SAFE!

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