Traffic light camera?

do traffic light cameras in the UK capture speed or just red light jumpers? there are no calibration lines on the road.

Other answer:

The traffic light is not a signal to SPEED UP in order to make it through before it changes.
There is a pedal on your car many use it is called the brake pedal. Try using yours more often .

There does not have to be camera for you to get a Speeding ticket. If you are not Speeding or crossing at Red Lights then you have no concern about what the camera may be taking pictures of of.

Suggest you spend more time watching the road and your driving and not looking for cameras.

It is the one you do not notice that gets you a ticket.

Sounds like these were simply cameras to monitor traffic flow. Red light cameras use carriageway markings and speed cameras are not used within light-controlled junctions. Not all cameras flash visibly, by the way, though the good old Gatso we all know and love certainly does.
I doubt that a camera set up for traffic lights is made to measure speed. You'd have to run the stop light to be speeding.
It depends on the camera. Some are combined speed/red light cameras. They will take your portrait if you run the red at any speed, but will also take a pic if you go through a green at over the posted limit. These days they are all digital and computerised so the equipment can be combined into one small box. Hope you remembered to say <Cheese>
J J:
Why would you think radar would need calibration lines?

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