Train clarification required (Holyhead)?

Today – thursday 26th June – at approx 20.30, i saw a train heading towards Abergele comprised of a class 66 ( i think) 4 coaches in Arriva blue, and a dead electric loco at the rear. What train was this. The Irish Mail with the dead loco and portion split at Crewe? Or some other.

Best Answer:

Aberdeen Tyke: The train you saw would be the Cardiff – Holyhead service [sponsored by the Welsh Agency and often referred to as the WAG Express] which consists of a Class 67 locomotive (usually one from 67001 / 02 / 03) hauling 4 coaches and a Driving Van Trailer. The latter vehicle is a specially configured vehicle with driving controls that allows it to lead a train and take power from the locomotive which will then be at the rear of the consist.

Other answer:

Aberdeen Tyke:
Probably the class 67 which runs a train between Cardiff and Holyhead with a driving van trailer on the back.
David S:
As Alex says above. Arriva Trains Wales has also recently leased a second set of carriages and locomotives
The Irish Mail is now a thing of history.
– Petit Fantôme Aimé ♐ -:
heu… EMD freight train operated by GB Railfreight, and then Direct Rail Services…. in the UK…

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