Transfer car title without pink slip?

I m getting a car from someone but however they just registered the car in the state so they haven t obtain the new title through mail yet. Is it possible to transfer ownership without the title?

Other answer:

No. The title is the only document that shows the seller is the actual owner, and there are no liens against the title.

If and when you see a clear and current title is the time you can transfer it if it checks out.

1. Name of registered owner is the name of the person selling.
2. Nothing on the legal owner line.
3. VIN on the title matches the VIN on the vehicle.

No, No, No.

How do you know (if) this person owns the car? How do you know that (he/she) did actually title this car and waiting for it in the mail?

Think about it, if you were to sell a vehicle and need to get it titled, then you would go in person to the DMV and get it there vs having it mailed.

Do NOT pay a dime, till this person has the title in hand, and you verify that the name on the title is the person who is selling it to you. It could be stolen, has a lien on the title, and could find that you won't be able to get it into your name.

Otherwise the next question you post on Y/A is I bought this vehicle from someone, who said they were waiting for the title in the mail, and I can't contact them, since they blocked their number etc.

When, he/she gets the title, then you pay, not before.

No. You MUST have a merchantable title, properly filled out by the previous owner before the vehicle can be titled in your name
NO it is not

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