Using a lost clipper card?

My mom found a clipper card on the street. Can I use it without the owner finding out?
My mom found a clipper card on the street. Can I use it without the owner finding out?
It has around $9 on it.

FYI: The Clipper card is a reloadable contactless smart card used for electronic transit fare payment

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Craziee Panda: There is a serial number on the back of the Clipper Card, so BART/MUNI can track you and the bus lines you take. If you use credit card to load money on it, they can even identify you. In essence, the former owner of the card could potentially investigate and determine who is using the card, but it's unlikely they ever will. It's a lot of work and the majority of people just get a replacement card instead. I say go ahead and use the CLIPPER, low risk.

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Craziee Panda:
Lost Clipper Card
Is your mother a thief? Is she teaching you to be a thief? If she thinks it's OK for you to use it, then she didn't bring you up to respect the law and property that belongs to other people.

Using something that doesn't belong to you makes the user guilty of using what is now stolen property.
What that means is it is the same as you stealing $9 from that person.

$9 may not sound like much, but someone paid that and so must now pay out of their pocket to replace it.

Keep in mind that many people use mass transportation because they are poor and can't afford any other form of transportation. $9 may be the difference between that person getting to their minimum wage job that barely pays the bills and feeds their family or not.

Each card has a code on it and turning it in to a representative of the Clipper system (driver, window attendant, etc.) is the right and legal thing to do. The owner of the card is on file with Clipper and they can return it.

They might not notice if the wrong person uses it, but if they do, whoever is using it could be in trouble. Petty theft isn't a big crime, but having that on a person's permanent record can cause problems for the rest of their life!

I have no idea what a clipper card is but if their is a way you can get it back to its original owner that would be the best thing.
You'll get more out of doing the right thing than always having to look over your shoulder by doing the wrong thing.
In saying that if there's no way you can find the real owner and it would be wasted other wise, I would use it.
If it has been reported stolen the transaction will be traced to you and you'll be arrested for possession of stolen property. The best thing you can do is toss it in a public trash can and walk away.
Hand it into Police or the Company that issued it.

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