We have a 2006 chevy cobalt. The engine Power Reduced words came on is this a recall?

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Here, sharondia, simply enter your Chevy's VIN into the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration vehicle recall website to find out.


I had this problem too mine was missfiring in one of the cylinders and I replaced the fuel pump thinking that was the problem. It didn't happen again for a couple day then it did it again. Did a lot of research and found nothing. So I went threw and diagnosed that the throttle bottle needed to be replaced. So I replaces the throttle body and never had this problem again. Let me know if this helps you..
It can be a bad motor misfire or you have a bad wheel speed sensor that is triggering the ABS brakes or traction control system which automatically cuts the engine power.
Spock (rhp):
no. and your car needed to be seen by a qualified mechanic
I can't answer that

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