What are good first cars for 6'5 tall?

Im looking 2008-2013 year car, fuel efficient and under $8000. I dont care about mileage as long it is reliability.

Other answer:

The Kia Optima offers a generous headroom of 40 inches, which is good enough to comfortable accommodate a tall person. It also beats the S-Class by offering a 45.5 inches of legroom for front passengers. The 2013 model should be available for $10k; however, you can get a better deal by shopping around.
Nearly all modern cars have seats that can be adjusted for tall — or short — drivers. However, in your case, I would think a full-size SUV or pickup truck might be more comfortable for you. It's not so much the seating, but the ease of getting in and out.
Toyota Corolla or Volkswagen Jetta. They have so much more legroom. Avoid Lincoln town car or something like that. legroom sucks up front, sucks gas like there's no tomorrow, seats don't go far back at all. I have one and I stand 5 11. I drove a Jetta and the seats go soooo far back compared to the Lincoln
Depends on budget preference etc. but in general truck or suv looks weird to see a taller person coming out of a small car(ex. Mx5, smart car,) but its all you and what you like
It depends. What's important to you, mileage, reliability, performance? Is your budget $500 or #50,000? Hard to make recommendations without knowing. you would fit just fine in a Scion Xb, though.