What are positions on boat, i.e. stern aft?

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Bow, the forred part of a ship. It is forward. Located forred are the following; Forcastle head, fore mast
Aft, the stern or back of a ship. Located aft are the following; the poop deck, aft accommodation block
Port side or port that part of a ship which is to the left of the centre line.
Starboard side that side of a ship which is to the right of the centre line.
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An easy way to remember sides is:
Aft meaning "after" the boat goes by, same thing as the stern, back or rear.
Port and Left, both words have four letters. Portside / left side.
Starboard is right (more letters in the words)
Bow. When you bow down, you bow forward right?
There's loads of words. Try a nautical dictionary. I only know a few, and I probably get some wrong, but off the top of my head:
stern – the back of the boat
sternward – in the direction of the stern
bow – the front of the boat
port side – left side (looking forward)
starboard side – right side
port, starboard (adjective) – to do with left or right – "the port locker"
aft (noun or adjective) – towards the back – "go aft"
after (adjective) – to do with the back – "the after locker"
forward or fore (noun or adjective) – to do with the front – "foresail", "go forward"
(often pronounced "forrard")
abeam – to exact right or left of the boat
ahead – in front of the boat – "there's a buoy dead ahead" "full ahead", go forward at maximum speed
astern – behind – "with the wind astern" "go astern", go backwards at maximum speed
abeam – to exact right or left of the boat, halfway between ahead and astern
below – down – "go below", "belowdecks"
aloft – up, particularly up a mast
windward – the direction the wind is coming from
leeward – the other direction – "a lee shore", a shore the wind is pushing you onto
abaft – behind – "wind abaft the beam", wind coming from a more sternward direction than abeam

When you sail you Left Port (Red Light)

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