What are some cool car registration plates that I could put for my car?

can anyone give me an idea or suggestion of some cool plates names.

Since I have a UK plate it should have number plate like this for ex.

G8 EAT or B1 AZE or J0 KER

First letter followed by one number then three letters.
i know this names plates are only examples dhuhh

Other answer:

Hi these old plates are subject to some serious issues now. so what ever we suggest most have been issued that would have been the good ones. REF001 for instance costs many thousands of pounds.
Timbo is here:
You cannot just choose anything you want. It either has to be already in circulation or on sale from the DVLA
You can search and see what they have here – http://dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk/s…
boy boy:
I already have D8 RML ..and D10 RML ..and they did not cost a lot ..circa £300 each …how did you work out JOKER ..wheres the number?
Steve S:
6ul dv8

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