What are some norms of bikers and their group?

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"bikers and their group" means what? My age group is 24, when I started riding, to hopefully, 95. How would anyone in that "group" meaningfully answer your question? And what is a "biker?"–anyone who has ever had a motorcycle endorsement, even someone who never rode outside of the bare minimum to get the endorsement? Apparently you put a lot of thought into your question, dude. So, tell us whatcha mean. Butcha want a sociology answer which is a pile of steaming shite, so hereya go: bikers in all "groups" (meaningless description) respect each other's independence.
Candid Chris:
The group of riders I rode with would meet for breakfast, decide where they wanted to have lunch and rode there to eat again. On the way back we'd stop off to have a cold-one and say 'see you guys next time'.
It was too rough for me as I usually don't eat lunch and love to keep riding all day long than go home to a few cold-ones.
They ride motorcycles. Usually American made and usually Harleys.

They also usually wear vests.

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