What are the car brands that are better or have more reliable engine than Ford?

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bit of bias about Ford ..they did and possibly? still do. supply engines for Jaguar and Landcover .winning best diesel engine when its 2.7 engine same out .now equal with Toyota etc for reliability etc.
simply having a bad rep from early days before having to compete with japanese cars. They have considerably upped the game. As to longevity etc much depends on servicing and treatment from owners. mass manufacturer will of course log up more failures due to sheer numbers produced and owners not complying with service intervals etc/
even Rolls Royce have engine issues from times to times an they produces far less engines.
so nto an easy one to answer but motoring car magazines will be better able to answer due to having unbiased data they can use to write about. suggest asking same question to them as will get biased answers here. what would be interesting or a help in answering is Why you want to avoid Ford in first place?
Toyota and Honda have a better reputation for reliability. Other manufacturers may have more power etc.

Modern Ford engines are pretty good, just not quite the best there is.

Ford's are fine with me, so I don't need to look any further. But, I'm not heard bad about Chevy…..
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Hi Simple enough japanese as they build engines to last.
honda, toyota, mazda, forget the rest.
mercedes benz,honda ,toyota,