What are the Enterprise car rental policies on a stolen vehicle?

Other answer:

1) You are responsible for the vehicle for the duration of the hire agreement or until you return it, whichever comes later.

2) You are required to take out sufficient insurance to cover all eventualities.

3) You are required to make up any shortfall between your insurance cover and the total value of any loss to Enterprise. These losses include loss of earning potential if the car is not available after it's due return date.

So. Your insurance should cover the loss of the vehicle, if not you must make up the difference.You are responsible for daily rental until the compensation is paid unless your insurance policy covers that as well.

if you rented the car and it was stolen you notify the police and enterprise. then insurance companies get involved yours and enterprise. you might be responsible to pay something depending on what your policy covers when you rent a car
Gary B:
stolen vehicles, or someone stealing a vehicle they;ve rented?

They do not rent stolen vehicles, and thieves are prosecuted to the fullest amount of the law.

Angela D:
read the fine print on the rental agreement. you signed for the car and are expected to return it at the agreed time and location. if not, they will come after you. if you don't return the car and haven't (at least) filed a police report they will expect you to pay for its replacement.

you did read the agreement, didn't you?

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