What boat is this?

My friend got it for free. Notice the logo on the sail.

Best Answer:

Marcus: Not a Bosun or Wayfarer, wrong sail emblem, wrong hull shape. The hull looks like a 420, and the way the boom droops suggests that this suit of sails maybe does not belong to the boat, in which case the sail logo does not help.

Take a close look around the hull – if I remember right, a 420 should have a hull plate identifying it, possibly on the transom, or near the mast.

Other answer:


My First guess was an enterprise but the photo is not good enough. If you can get a better photo of the letters on the sails.
I would say not a Bosun as they are a lot shorter as I learnt in one
It could be a 420 (Or Club 420) as they have the short front sail and the reason for the drooping boom is because the Main sail is not fully hoisted as the top of it should be near the top of the mast

Andy C

there was a range of dinghys called Alpha 12 & 14 built near Seattle in the 80s
Latcho Dives:
The pic is not too good but i would day its either a Bosun or a Wayfairer sailing dingy More probably the latter.
Ian K:
Went through 20 pages and hundreds of insignias and didn't see anything similar.

A length and some dimensions/better pictures would make it easI er to id.

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