What bolt in inches will fit a M8/10 thread?

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As far as diameter goes, an M8 is close to a 5/16, an M10 is .020 of an inch bigger than a 3/8. However, the thread pitches are not the same. Metrics come in a variety of threads for the same size, whereas SAE pitches are fairly standard. For instance a 3/8 standard is 16 threads per inch, Metrics are gauged by the pitch of one thread to another. Say a metric is rated at M10x1.25, which means it is 1.25mm from thread to thread, where a 3/8 would be 1.59mm from thread to thread.
You MUST use a metric M8/10 bolt or: a) the bolt won't fit or: b) the inch bolt will destroy the metric thread, meaning it will either come out too easily or never come out again.
You cant change a metric bolt for a non metric one the thread is different. You may be able to get a whitworth bolt to fit, as it is close to metric
None. You can't intermingle metric and English threads.

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