What can you do if you see another driver texting while driving?

I was on a busy interstate today and noticed the fast lane to my left was backed up..why? A man in a commercial work truck was texting while driving!! His face was down IN his phone while behind the wheel. What can you do if you see this??

Best Answer:

Jamie: Sound your horn. This means "I am here", and the driver clearly needs this information from you. If everyone starts to do this when seeing drivers using a phone it will make them think twice and may draw Police attention.

Other answer:

We see it all the time. A car swerving on the road, cutting people off, the driver oblivious to the danger they are causing. Is there something you can do? Yes, drivers should speak up to ensure their safety.
Stay away from him! If you see him contentiously texting, Call 911 and tell the dispatcher and give the truck description and license number. Maybe a cop in the vicinity will stop him before he hurts himself and someone else.
No Summertime:
Honk at him, flip him off, throw something at him. If you have a dash cam video you can film it then expose him on social media and ruin his life and career.
Dimo J:
I am not God. I am not a cop. There is nothing I can safely do to him.
Hence, all that I can do is avoid him.
Give the jerk plenty of room so s/he doesn't run into me.
Slow down and let him/her get ahead of you.
pay attention to your own driving
I would call the company name on the truck.

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