What car just screams "I have a lot of money"?

It's gotta be a car in which you don't look stupid driving it yourself So no Rolls Royces. And no cars that are just for racing either, like Lamborghini's. It's gotta be quick though. And no car brands that you see every day, like Mercedes or something.
It's gotta be special.

Other answer:

People driving vehicles that scream wealth also scream they have a little dink. Same with BIG trucks. The more they show off the less they actually possess. So you want to scream wealth? Then drive an every day vehicle and let someone special discover how smart you are not wasting your money on something that screams stupidity.

Even if I had a lot of money I'd still drive what I drive today. Maybe just a newer model. I drive a Tacoma. 08.

The problem is that it usually is the "everyday" car brands that scream wealth to everyone because they are the cars that the majority of people know and are familiar with. You don't need to be a petrolhead to look at a Porsche and know that the owner has deep pockets. The Porsche 991 generation 911 in particular is purchased by people wanting to flaunt their wealth – mainly to allure women lusting after someone who can fund their shopping habits. It's a crying shame that Porsche have succumbed to this clientele, because Porsche's used to be the cars for purists, and now they're the cars for posers.

Thinking of the more obscure cars that scream wealth that you won't look like a total douche driving: something like an Ascari KZ1, Zenvo ST1, or Glickenhaus SCG003. They may not be completely modest, but they perform the rare task of making everyone in the vicinity think you're wealthy, while leaving them clueless to what you're actually driving. Oh, and they're all super-fast, too!

Dead Mans Curve:
A 1963-67 Corvette
Joe B:
Tesla p85. Everyone knows Teslas start at $80,000. The higher battery just sends it home that you paid over $100,000 for a car. Yet, it isn't splashy and is just as practical for commuting as drag racing or going to a top restaurant.

In practice, though, tossing $100,000 on a car significantly lowers your wealth. So, driving a simpler car but dressing well might indicate to others that you are smart with your money. This goes over better than conspicuous consumption.

♛ Nicolas ♛:
you say that a lamborghini is for racing but thats actually not correct. exotics like lamborghinis and such are designed to retain a certain level of comfort.
a proper racecar is very uncomfortable. the suspension in a lambo is not going to be as stiff as a proper race car. a race car may also be even lower to the ground.
a lambo has a nice interior. a race car has a very barren interior with as little stuff in it as possible. this means heat shielding and sound proofing.
this makes a race car extremely uncomfortable.
the only place where a proper race car is good to drive is on a race track and not even on a calm day of lapping. you would need to be in a more competitive event for the benefits to really outweigh the massive costs in terms of comfort.

so if you really look at supercars in a very realist manner, they arent good for racing particularly. there are very few racing series which allow supercars alone.
they also arent very comfortable to begin with. they are designed for people who want to drive fast on the road and occasionally on a track while showing off wealth. no one needs a supercar like a lambo.
race car drivers need race cars. and cars for the road are usually designed for convenience over anything like speed or exclusivity.

supercars do exactly what you want. scream "I have a lot of money".

You mean custom engine like TWIN VTEC a.k.a W8 (twin 4 cylinder/banger) in a Civic? Don't worry you won't feel stupid, with that insane amount of power. People will know that you got "monayyy" coz you spent about 296k- or more in that kind of engine (beast).

With 1.6 litres (Oh! Now it's 3.2l yo!) Can easily rev up to 24000 RPM. (Sad, stock Corvette and GT500 can only rev up to 7000 RPM.) Poor V8 🙁

Great thing is it doesn't only scream about "I have a lot of money" but also "I have a lot of powarrrrrrr!".

It's okay if it's just an ordinary brand. As long as it can rev higher than most V8, V12. Now supercar, hypercar owner will cry to death, begging you to swap your custom beast into theirs! Fuxx yeaaahhh!

Jay P:
Even someone driving a $100K luxury or sport car doesn't necessarily have money. There are some that will spend far more than they should on leasing a high-end vehicle just for the illusion of wealth.
A Ferrari Formula one car screams like fuking tranny ram..pressurized..and costs more than most lower car manufacturers full budgets..that count?Bugatti Atlantic properly secured for style.asthetics,old money AND alien old timer?I will likely buy me 1954 235 ci black corette with red interior because the 365 gts/4 is just too dang muchio buckios..it will look good on Cleveland roads..and I never saw one around here..VA lump sum coming soon as they gave me Paranoid Schizophrenia AND A HERNEA now from screaming my fking lungs out at them for DAV calling me on VA line to cause such….
Ian K:
A rusty minivan or old boxy Camry.

What the two richest people that I know use for daily drivers.

But, they invest and save their money, don't flaunt it. Live in beautiful houses, have "toys" like 1970's Mercedes and classic Porsches that appreciate in value, but only drive them when they feel like it.

Jay Leno's 1913 Mercer Raceabout indicates that he has the money to own it. And yes, he drives it occasionally, at 70 miles per hour. It'll do 100. Your common Model T of that era usually has trouble doing over 40.

Ask Jay if he'll sell it to you.