What cars are cheap and affordable for first time drivers ?

I am booking my driving test soon and looking to save some money for a car, already have some saved up, i wondered on any opinions on cheap cars, low-ish insurance and a reliable one. In the UK which i could buy.

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Depends on the age, if you want a cheap run around then there is not much option for reliability on old cars, bought a corsa it started to drink oil. The next one was a 1.0 Polo that served me well, only problem i had was the coil pack which was £20 to fix. This is over 6 years and the car was already 8 years old when i bought it. I would say a Polo or a little mitsubishi Colt? Toyota Starlet perhaps?
Pretty much any old 4 cylinder american or japanese car, you can get good running cars like that here in utah for $1000, hell i have a strong running bronco with lots of goodies i cant sell for $1000, stay away from german cars, they're costy to repair
I always recommend Hondas for first time-buyers, they are incredibly reliable and last forever. I would recommend you to give Honda Civic a shot. This vehicle is a good example of daily driver. Plus, it is always ready to rock out.
Try ford focus, fiesta? Try to get jap cars as bland as they are, theyre worth