What degree crankshaft does the Honda CBR500R have?

360? 180? or 270?

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Joseph: I understand your question…..it's a 180 degree crank.

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From Cycle World:

470cc parallel-Twin as a stressed member. This liquid-cooled engine, with an eight-valve head and a 180-degree crank, is a slightly oversquare design, with a 67.0mm bore and a 66.8mm stroke. Fed by twin 34mm throttle bodies.

Your question relates to a V-twin engine.
The term "degree" is the measurement between each cylinder's connecting rod pins on the single crankshaft.
A parallel twin would have a 180 degree crankshaft.
Every crankshaft on every engine ever made rotates 360 degrees, dude, cuz it's like, a circle. If you are asking about the offset of the connecting rod throws, you could have asked about "the offset of the connecting rod throws." Say whatcha mean, dude.
well being a 4-stroke it would have a 720 degree crank, because every 2 turns of the crank completes one ignition cycle