What do I do when both cars are turning left?

For example if I'm turning left and the car on the opposite lane is turning left what do I do? I feel like their isn't enough space for both of us to go at the same time.. Help!

Best Answer:

?: If the intersection permits both of you to do left-hand turns, there should be enough space. You pass to the left of each other (meaning the passenger side of each car passes close to the other car). If you're in doubt, slow down and let the other driver complete his turn before you do.

Other answer:

Line the front bumper of your car with the curb, just over the crosswalk while waiting to make a left turn (only one vehicle should be in the intersection waiting to turn left). Look for oncoming cars, pedestrians in the crosswalk area, and the colour of your light (if a light), shoulder check just before turning and then look up your intended path of the closest available lane going in your direction. You need a bit more acceleration on a left turn than on a right turn, and less steering on a left turn than on a right turn.
Those who hesitate are lost, but never forget safety and politeness must never be forgotten! And if you can if knowledge them as if they are being polite, it makes them feel good even if they have not, which stops much tooting of those aggressive horns. Or yiu are just best to give way if not sure, to avoid and accident is the best moto who needs that in life. Ego or arragance.
Happy Gramps:
you make the turn with your vehicle in front of the vehicle on the opposing side; do not try to go past the other vehicle………it's like when you shake someone's hand, but just before you take the other persons hand in yours, you veer away to the left………..your dmv website should have some info
If you don't know how to safely go at the same time, then you wait and you let the other driver go first. The other driver is going to go, because the other driver doesn't know that you don't know how to safely go at the same time.
If you feel there isn't room enough, just wait until the intersection is clear and then turn.
Pilsner Man:
You avoid the other car. If that is too much for you, wait, or don't drive.
go right