What do I need to get full rights please include steps?

I bought a vehicle from an old couple for 300 I have no title but I have a bill of sale. How do I go about getting the full title also if I get the copy of the title from dmv do I get it sent to them or do I send it to me? Thanks

Other answer:

It's already too late. The first step is learning how to do it, before you pay. In many cases, if you don't get a title when you pay, then you can never get rights to the vehicle. In other words, if you want the rights in some states, then you can't pay until you get the title.

At this point, since it may be too late to get the rights, your next step should be to ask for your money back.

A few states don't require titles for really old vehicles. But if your state requires a title you should get that from whoever you are buying the vehicle from in exchange for your money, no title, no money. And you should also get ID of whoever you are buying from (photo or copy driver's license info). You cannot get a duplicate title from the DMV, they need to get it if they cannot find it, and they have to sign it and the odometer statement.
You should have gotten a (valid, clear, clean, merchantable) title for the car BEFORE you gave them the $300. A bill of sale without a title is not worth the paper it is written on.

You can never own, title, register, insure or drive the car until you are furnished that title.

You can't get the title, they have to. Then sign it to you to title in your name. Right now you have a $300 paper weight.
Apply for a lost title, its about 80 bucks but you will get it in about three months
I'm in texas