What do you call the thing you put your ticket through at a train station?

Do you know what I'm talking about? The thing you put your ticket through at a train station? Am I being to vague?
Umm ok You know when you buy your ticket and go to wait on the platform, you have to put your ticket through those things to get onto the platform. What are those called?

Other answer:

Automatic Barriers
The Chiel:
In the UK they are generally referred to officially as 'ticket barriers'
It's a turnstile.
I think they use 'em over in England. Some take coins, some take tokens, and some of the new fancy electronic ones take tickets.
Personally I've never had to use one.
Around where I live, you give your ticket to the conductor at the office (or buy one there), and they let you onto the platform to board, otherwise you show your ticket AS you board the train.
You mean a turnstile.
I would assume you mean a ticket scanner.
It's been a while since I've been in a train station, but I suppose there are lots of different things you can put your ticket into. YES, you are being too vague.