What do you do first day of driving lessons ?

I already did the theory work at my driving school, now I have to drive 10 hours. Do they start you off on the road or a parking lot of some sort? I don't think it will be safe of me to drive on the roads yet..

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shanika: they will typically take you in a semi empty parking lot with very little cars or a road way with wide turns and again less cars. for me they took me on a roadway with littlecar traffic and all we did was practice turning left and right. imo you should get some practice before your first lesson if possible and get familiar with the car parts and what to do when you get in the car like adjusting mirrors, seat, etc..

other then that 1st day isn't too bad they will ONLY take you out on the first day if you have a lot of previous experience i took 2 different driving schools and the 2nd one i took made me drive the first day and thats because i already had experience driving. you need to let them know as well if you have experience or not and how many hours and what you did.

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I have been teaching basic Driver Education for several years. I always do a demonstration drive first to give an overview of what will be taught, showing details of what is expected on a drivers test. Following this demonstration drive, I take new drivers to a quiet area to focus on vision and steering and getting the 'feel' of the car. Most Government standards for Driving Schools provide modules for each of the 5 two-hour lessons. I think most Instructors do teaching in a similar manner. Depending on your experience level and whether you are taking Manual or Automatic Transmission lessons, your Instructor should take you to a safe and quiet place to begin your lessons. Enjoy, learn, develop safe habits and remember that distracted driving (your thoughts, texting, phone use, conversations with passengers) cause many unnecessary crashes……think and drive! 🙂
They will most probably start you off in a parking lot and then ask you basic questions about what you're comfortable with and introduce themselves, or they'll start you out slow. Only after they make sure you can actually handle car mechanics will they make you go onto a road, but even then, at first it will probably be a very very quiet road so you won't have to be afraid of avoiding cars etc.
Skoda John:
Drove out into the country on quiet roads.
I was lucky as I had been driving tractors and Land Rovers on farms from the age of 14.
Learning in the UK is 17. I could use a clutch and shift gears as well as manoeuvre a vehicle.
Just pay attention to the directions you are given.

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