What does " in transit mean " ?

Ok so i ordered something from aliexpres and it was shipped wednsday 08/06/14 and on monday it was " in transit " and says In transit
Shipment exception
ZHENGZHOU, CN , also the activity says it was picked up so will that mean i will get today ?
Its being deiverd by Fedex, its being deliverd to USA Houston texas

Other answer:

In transit – between two points as moving.
You do not state where it is to be delivered.
You do not state the shipping company.
ZHENGZHOU, CN is located toward central China.
If you are in China, typically 7 days is normal.
If in the USA, expect another 12 to 30 days depending on where you are and how sent.
If it is counterfeit goods, occasionally they get seized by customs because they are illegal.

Add: Sent FEDEX, that would typically be the 2nd fastest. The fastest shipping is within a company or as shipped by major companies. That is, when a company like Lenovo ships from China, going to another Lenovo in the USA, customs is waived and it takes only a few days. To customers, they do not inspect the packages and it clears customs in a day or two for total time about 5 days to Houston.
From smaller companies or individuals, Fedex moves it out of China in a couple of days and will be a couple of days within the USA after customs. Customs hold for inspection is 2 to 5 days normally. Six to nine days from the time FEDEX picks it up is a normal cycle to Houston.
EMS China is 14 to 24 business days, and China Post even longer than that.
Know that if FEDEX, if it is legal goods and not counterfeit, there should be no issue and just watch tracking after stopping at a USA arrival for customs inspection.

Add also: If shipped on the 6th and still in China as "Shipment Exception", there is probably a paperwork problem with the customs form. Aliexpress is like ebay with many sellers, some a lot better than others.
I hope you did not order a product with a known brand name. They are almost always counterfeit and could have issues as illegal merchandise.

In transit means it has been shipped and is in the process travelling to wherever you are. I would imagine that picked up means it's been collected by the courier who will deliver it to you, so it should be delivered today, or at least very soon!
Scott H:
In transit means the package is between two locations in the shippers network. When it's on a local truck for delivery to you the status will change to "out for delivery".
Who is Jack….:
Could be any time up to 31 days, in transit just means it is on the way to you.
Uh, it's hard to explain really. In, meaning in and transit meaning, transit.
That means it is on its way. It may not come today, but it will probably be soon.
Ok thanks Guys !