What engine did the mustang P-51-d use?


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It depends slightly on where they were built.

Most, of course, were built in the USA. They use The Packard V-1650-1 which is in essence a Rolls Royce Merlin, built under licence. but there are some significant differences between the two engines.

Mustangs were also built in Australia as the CAC-18 and a lot of these still fly in both Australia and the USA. Originally these used the Merlin 66 built by Rolls Royce, some later aircraft used the Merlin 266, the same engine in every detail, including valve covers with the name Rolls-Royce on them, but actually built by Packard. These aircraft were optimized for ground support and the Merlin 66 was a ''low altitude'' engine.

Most of these aircraft seem to have been refitted with V-1650s these days

The Mustang was a heap of junk until it was fitted with the Merlin engine, which was built under license fromRolls Royce by Packard.
With the Merling engine the Mustang was probably the best fighter produced in WW2. It could do everything he Spiire could but it could do it over Berlin instead of over the South Downs of England.
John R:
Steve is correct. The first P-51's used Allison V-12's, but every version from the P-51B on used Rolls Royce Merlins manufactured under license by Packard.
Sal Viggiano iii:
The "D" model used a Packard-built Rolls Royce Merlin engine, far superior to the early under-powered Allison engine models. Thanx.
Rolls Royce Merlin.
V12 ENGINE is USED IN the Mustang P-51-D .
robert x:
A parkard built version of the British designed RollsRoyce Merlin engine which was orininally devloped for RAF hurricians / Spitfires fighters and Mosquito light bomber and lancaster heavy bombers .
Hi. It is called a piston engine
Steve S:
at a guess it ll say the Rolls-Royce Merlin most likely made at the packard factory

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