What happens if someone hits a deer in their car and it flings and hits my car? Who s insurance pays?

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Suzette Mckendrick: Your policy pays, under Comprehensive coverage every time. Comprehensive covers damage (including impact) done by animals, and it covers damage by flying / falling object. A flying deer counts as both. If you don't have Comprehensive coverage, you're simply not covered for this type of damage.

The other guy's Liability insurance won't pay for your damage, because you can't prove in court that he knew or ought to have known the deer would run out, and you can't prove that he negligently angled his vehicle so make the deer fly at you. Before Liability insurance pays anything to anyone, legal responsibility has to be proven in court.

And since the deer probably doesn't carry any insurance at all, you won't get very far suing the deer.

Other answer:

Suzette Mckendrick:
YOUR insurance, If you have comprehensive coverage. Hitting a deer or not hitting a deer in many cases is impossible, thus covered under comprehensive (no fault).

Now, unless after the deer hit his car and your car, then the other guy swerves into your lane and hits your vehicle trying to avoid hitting the deer, then his insurance would pay under his liability coverage.

Hillbilly OJ:
Good question. The answer is not that complicated though.

Since the deer is the one who caused the accident the deer is the responsible party. But since deer don't have insurance nor any need for money you can't hardly sue the deer, besides it is likely dead. The other car that hit the deer is not at fault unless he veered into your lane to hit the deer on purpose, causing damage to your car, or if he actually hit your car. But if he stayed in his lane, hit the deer and the deer went flying into your car then your insurance is who is responsible for fixing the damage to your car unless, of course, you do not have full coverage then it is up to you to fix your own car.

Not the other guy's.
95% of the time Your (comprehensive) insurance pays.

The only time YOUR collision insurance would pay is if after the deer was hit by the other guy, it flew into the air and then hit the pavement and then you stuck it. That would be a "collision".

Hope that your comprehensive pays rather than your collision

Yours. You will need to file a comprehensive claim with your insurer just the same as if you hit the deer yourself with no other motorist involved. It's exactly the same process.
Call the insurance companies and see what they tell you. Its kind of no ones fault that the deer thought that crossing the road while there was ongoing traffic was a good idea.
Same as if you hit a deer that simply jumped that way (they do, you know) – it is your comprehensive coverage that applies.
Your insurance if you have the correct insurance, you if you don't. Otherwise you can always try to sue whichever mythical being you believe in.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi your insurance pays if you are fully comprehensive if not you have a huge repair bill to get your car fixed as it is classed as an act of GOD. repent sinner.

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