What is a 18-wheeler USA cross country trucking job like?

i think it would be a cool very first job for me, is it a good job? How many miles is average hauls? How do you pay for gas? im asking what is your experience with cross country trucking using factors above, and how long you can be gone from your home.

Other answer:

The First few days are exciting. It soon becomes another mile of road and more dotted lines to follow.
The pay is not fantastic. Be prepared to spend most of your work week away from home.
Your first bit will be more local maybe an overnight return. You get the scrap runs as the Newbie. Just the way it is.
The more you work the more you are away from home. With the current economy many are desperate for that extra run. Turn down too many and you will not get many. Each place has their different busy day busy week or whatever. Be prepared to work when you are NEEDED. They DO NOT care about your weekend date the holiday or whatever. You WORK when they NEED you. Your social life changes to accommodate the work.

Things happen like an accident or weather delay. You arrive late you miss a return run you WAIT for the next one. You budget for the unexpected. You call home and change the party plan. It really helps if your family will support your odd hours of work.
The must be here for this or that special day costs you a lot of money in missed work. You can celebrate a Birthday or an Anniversary ANY TIME you just plan accordingly.

It does get lonely for some.Some like that part. Those cross country adventures will take a few years.
Get your Border Crossing Documents in order. If you want a chance for those trips.

Like many other jobs, after a few days it's mind numbingly boring.
It also won't happen as a first job. You need to be at least 21 to drive an 18 wheeler. People that are looking for first jobs at 21 usually have the qualifications that mean they don't have to be driving a truck for a living.
You're not going to own your own truck at first, so you'll be paying expenses with a company card. Some routes can keep you gone for three weeks or so. You can cover 800 miles on some days or 300 on others when they go through bad traffic areas. Cross country tends to be unpredictable, and you can be re-routed or given jobs on the fly. The more flexible you are, the more you're worth to the company and the better you'll do.
First, you MUST be AT LEAST 21 years old before you can drive a commercial vehicle outside of your home state, so FORGET doing any cross-country driving as a first job.

Stay in school. Get an education so maybe one day you can make enough money to BUY a trucking company.

Thankyou! very informative and gives me better insight on this topic
You are your own boss and take no orders from anyone.

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