What is a small airplane's fuel cost when the operating cost is $400?

If there is a 4 seat piston engine plane and it says its operating cost is $400/hr, it includes fuel cost, over haul cost and everything else, right?

So what portion of the price will be the fuel cost only?

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Vincent G: A Cessna 152 (two seater) will typically burn 6 gallons per hour. That works to $30 – $35 worth of fuel.

A bigger, single engine plane could burn $80 of fuel an hour.

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Vincent G:
Operating cost is a function of hours flown per year.

It costs the same to hangar the aircraft if you fly it for one hour or one thousand each year; The Annual Inspection will have similar costs regardless of hours. Insurance will be similar regardless of hours flown.

So if you fly 50 hours per year, you divide the fixed costs by 50, if you fly 200 hours you divide fixed costs by 200 and the fixed cost is only 25% per hour of what it is if you fly 50 hours per year.

The more you fly, the cheaper, per hour, the fixed costs become.

You can't give a fuel cost based on total cost per hour, you need to know what the aircraft is.

A Malibu, using 20 gallons an hour, might cost $400 an hour to operate over 1000 hours a year

A Cherokee 140 using 7 gallons an hour might also cost $400 an hour if all it does is sit in the hangar and fly once a month.

But to give you an idea, my Cherokee Arrow costs me about $200 an hour to fly all in, based on 200 hours use per year. Of that, between about $50 & $65 per hour is fuel depending on what I am doing, how high I am flying and whether I am flying short or long legs and where I am buying fuel.

Current US price of Aviation grade gasoline (100LL Avgas) is around $5.00 per gallon. It costs more in other countries. A Typical single engine 4-seater airplane like a Cessna 172 uses about 8 gallons of fuel per hour. YOU can do the math.
John R:
Impossible to answer with the given info. What type of plane, based where? The cost of fuel varies with location, fuel burn varies with the type of engine. A four seat plane could have anywhere from carbureted 135 hp to a 300 hp turbocharged engine

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