What is faster a real wheel drive or front wheel drive car?

I know there probably isnt but lets say you hav two of the same cars, same everything. But one is front wheel drive and the other is real wheel drive. Which one is faster? Also what are the benifets of have either one when driving a car?

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Anne: Hard Drive

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I think bill is retarded, top speed and off the line acceleration are totally different. Besides, the AWD Nissan GTR will smoke a corvette z06 any day. I believe the bugatti veyron and several Lamborghinis are also AWD.

Awd can pull off the line quicker but there are advantages at higher speeds to RWD because of parasitic drivetrain losses due to supplying power to 4 wheels instead of 2.

However if your rear tires are thick enough, traction isnt an issue.

Skoda John:
The reason most high power cars are rear wheel drive is front wheel drives tend to get torque steer.
The best and fastest cars are AWD.
It is quite simple more wheels driven more power onto the floor.
Neither can be considered faster or slower. It's like asking if pulling or pushing a wagon is easier.

I shall state this, almost all of the fastest automobiles are rear wheel drive. Corvettes, Vipers, Ford GT, Cobras, etc.

faster accelleration or faster top speed.
please be more specific with your question

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