What is "Gas" in utilties?

I live in Canada and sometimes some ads say they include "gas" as utility, what does this mean? Is it for the stove (if it is propane based or what?)? I thought the only thing i needed was electricity and water

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One cold winter and you will know if you need to pay the gas bill. There is more than one method for heating …wood stove, electric, natural gas, propane(meaning you have a large white tank in the yard), oil (which means a smaller tank outside on the side of the house near the driveway most times of about 300 gallons., coal)
Each builder chose which one he wanted to install.
Natural gas is carried in gas lines from gas utilities which get it from the well head.. Propane is a different gas.(But I am sure your bill would be marked propane)
Rona Lachat:
GAS used in
Furnace for Heat
Hot Water
Cooking (Stove)

Cable TV

Not all places use gas stoves or gas water heaters. In most apartments heat is included in the rent.

Different places collect for this in Different ways. It is either included in your rent or you pay extra.
You have to make sure what is included with utilities and what you are expected to pay as extras.

either natural gas or propane, both used for heating and cooking………
Could be for your stove, hot water heater, furnace, clothes dryer, oven.
natural gas, its made up of mostly methane and a small amount of other gasses

if you have an electric stove, dryer and water heater you don't need gas and can have it turned off

It's natural gas or what is know as propane. Most likely used for heating in the winter and cooking.