What is it with people who think Water Vapour from Aircraft are "Chemtrails", do they realise (probably not) that it's completely harmless?

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Pichu Trainer: I agree with all the answers so far, "chemtrails" are just another wacko conspiracy "theory", or as I like to call them, an insane fairy tale. Right up there with the moon landing hoax wackos, the alien visitation wackos, the Nibiru/planet X wackos, 9/11 "truth" wackos, and the latest (and most profoundly ignorant of all), the flat earth wackos. Yup, they're BACK, in spite of the fact that the spherical earth was first proven by Eratosthenes in Greece 2300 years ago. To "prove" their models of the earth and solar system, they have to deny just about everything science has learned since then… about physics, astronomy, geography, cosmology, and similar "lies". Next to them, the "chemtrails" wackos seem almost sane!

One point, the common term describing all these "believers" is the word "wacko".

Forgot to mention, cute cat, Joseph!

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Pichu Trainer:
Look it up .
During the 1960's the British Government experimented by spraying at high altitude chemicals over East Anglia.
To research the spread of nuclear fall out if an atom bomb was dropped on the UK.
Years Later after many people developed a higher number of cancers than the national average.
Government Scientists discovered that the chemicals used in the spray what they believed at the time to be harmless.
Were in fact cancerous.
These sprays appear like com trails in the sky.
I am sure the American Government also carried out identical experiments.
This is the origin to the fears of quite normal com trails of to day.
And remember the infamous Agent Orange was also sprayed from high flying aircraft.
So some fears are justified.
Not fears from the Uneducated just people with long memories of the bad old days.
Some people feel the need to be "in" on some secret, to look smarter than they really are. Add a degree of distrust in the government into the mix and you have fertile ground for all sorts of conspiracy theories: fake Moon Landings, chemtrails, Area 51, 9/11, Sandy Hook Elementary, each one nuttier than the next.
This still comes from questionable research on "cloud seeding" that started in the 1940's Silver iodine was used to try to help chemically induce precipitation. Nasa and the University of California are currently trying to experiment with this technology again to try to help drought areas around the world. People are suspicious that this technology could be used by military sources to do harm to people.
They believe there is a government added chemical in some of the trails. Some form of undetectable chemical that can be "activated" at some point to cause great harm to the human body, or even death. It's not that they fear the safety of the natural chemicals themselves. It's a conspiracy theory.
The American public is known worldwide to have convictions based on urban myths –
Or conspiracy theories…
I was an airline pilot, and moreover a "tanker KC-135 pilot" with the Air Force –
If there was any truth about "certain" fuel additives and "chemtrails", I would have known about it…
Simple, they're crazy, paranoid, and just plain stupid! Conspiracy buffs are often convinced the government is out to get them some how, and they rarely have any practical/relevant education or experience that would allow them to understand the subjects they talk/rant about.

So of course they're not going to understand any of it

This is what happens when kids don't go to school…
"Chemtrail" is a mispronunciation of "Contrail"- as in (water) condensation trail.
Chem-trails are a lame urban myth, LOL. Only really uneducated people believe in such silliness, Cheers.
May be most of the people think like that.

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