What is location of AMTRAK train 49 now/location???

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Dorothy Heister:
Amtrak Train 49
Amtrak Train 49
Rona Lachat:
AMTRAK trains do not have a GPS Locator for you to track them inch by Inch along their journey.

You have little reason to know exactly where a train is.

You can look at the schedule to see where approximately the train is. If you need to get in touch with someone on the Train for an urgent message then Call the Police.

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Report crime, emergencies, suspicious items, persons or activity immediately to the Amtrak Police Department at:

(800) 331-0008

According to my watch it is near Albany. What time is it for you NOW. According latest News reports it is on the train tracks. Just where it is supposed to be. If it running late it can make up Time with a less than its scheduled One Hour Stop.

Amtrak will post an Alert should there be an excessive delay.

Amtrak Police
525 East St, Ste A
Rensselaer, NY 12144


Dorothy Heister:
Not schedule.. I want to track train to find current location of train 49 from NNYP to CLE.
Pilsner Man:


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