What is Motorcycle Safety?

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Safety is most Important concern while riding motorcycle, Most of the person made foolish mistake (i.e Do not pay concentration on road, talking on phone and many more things which makes trouble. There are so many accessories available in market to make communication during motorcycle ride like Intercom system for bike. More patience while riding motor bike, because life is more precious!
Dimo J:
Motorcycle safety is not dropping, not crashing.

All that helmet and leather is for when you failed to be safe.

Mr. Smartypants:
It's an oxymoron, like 'wedded bliss' or 'military intelligence'. 8^)

Actually, it includes a lot of things. Safety gear, awareness, safe riding techniques, etc.

don r:
It's what I practiced riding for 20 years, plus a little spirited driving. Learn how to control the machine, watch the road and other drivers, anticipating problems.
Not Riding one
Staying alive and uninjured.
Make sure safety helmet before gear your motorbike……..
Firecracker .:
Staying alive and uninjured.