What is the best sport bike for traveling in the interstate 2 hours a day?

My trip to college is 1 hour and is all 55mph-75mph speeds. What would the best bike be? I don't want anything crazy big, just enough to save gas and have a little fun with.

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It's all personal preference. Personally, a sport bike isn't what I'd want for that amount of driving. A sport touring bike would be a lot better, or a cruiser would probably be the best as far as comfort and gas mileage. I own a Honda Shadow 750 and a Yamaha FZ-1, both of which I regularly ride to work(which for me is a 1hr each way interstate trip like you're talking about). The Shadow gets a lot better gas mileage and is a more comfortable seating position for the ride(plus I have highway pegs that make it even more comfortable cruising down the interstate). The FZ-1 is closer to sport bike positioning, but being more of a sport-touring bike sits more upright making it alright for the long ride(it has the engine out of a R1 sport bike, but without the full on tank hugging posture). I wouldn't take a sport bike to work, hugging the tank for that long isn't pleasant to me. I would say a larger cruiser would actually be better though. I love my shadow and wouldn't hesitate to ride it to work, but being a smaller engine and having 5 gears does make the higher speed drive less comfortable than it could be. A larger engine, or a 6th gear, would drop the interstate speed RPMs low enough to make cruising to work real easy. But I do average 60 miles per gallon on the shadow(on the FZ1 I get 40), so the gas mileage is well worth it, and the ride is still plenty of fun. Temperature and traffic are things to consider too, if you're somewhere with hotter weather and more traffic, a sport bike isn't a great option. They tend to run hotter(or at least feel hotter), especially full cowl bikes that tend to direct all the engine right up to the rider, and can even overheat while idling in traffic(still possible but less likely on a cruiser, the more open engine can cool off better at idle or low speed).
I drove a 1988 Yamaha FZR400 from Long Island to St. Louis, and it sucked.
But, 1 hour, each way, is not that bad.
Why a sport bike? If you really want a bike to have fun with, get a dual sport or enduro, something like a DR-Z. This way you can drive over the pavement as well as off-road, if you need or want to.
"the best sport bike for traveling in the interstate 2 hours a day"?

None of them.

Dimo J:
Assume you get 25 mpg on a car on the freeway, 60 mpg on a motorcycle.
Assume 4,000 miles a year on the motorcycle instead of the car, gas costs $4 a gallon.
Car: 4,000 miles/25 mpg = $640
Motorcycle: 4,000 miles/60 mpg = $270
You save $370. That will not even pay for your insurance on the motorcycle.

** YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SAVE MONEY ** You are going to PAY to have fun.
Do not lie that you are doing this to save money. Do not lie to yourself.

How much "mad money" available do you have for your play motorcycle?
Insurance — liability costs a lot more for a "sport bike" than a small cruiser.
Do you want to lose everything when you crash? If not Comp and Collision costs *big* money — the insurance companies figure you will lose the bike within four years, figure paying one quarter of the cost of the bike every year for insurance.

You will be losing money, the question is how much.
Least cost — a used Honda Rebel 250. Maybe $2,000 a year.
A used Ninja 250, maybe $4,000 a year.

No sport bike is going to be that comfortable. You'd be better off with a Cruiser of some sort. At least 900+cc.
Hwy. Riding? (1000 cc +) "V" Drive best . Horizontal Drive next. Belt or shaft drive less maintaince . ….35 years riding.
Hwy. Riding? (1000 cc +) "V" Drive best . Horizontal Drive next. Belt or shaft drive less maintaince . ….35 years riding.
Depends on your pain tolerance.
Ian K:
Depends on your pain tolerance.

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