What is the best US freight railroad in your opinion?

I personally like NS, but what is your opinion and why?

Best Answer:

Andy: From talking to engineers and conductors on other railroads i've come to the conclusion that all Class 1 railroads are pretty much the same to work for these days. I've got almost 39 years in on the railroad and it has changed so much it's depressing. It used to be a fun job,now it's just a job with way too many rules to keep track of. It's just a fact of large corporate America these days.

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I have to agree with Andy, I have only 23 years and it is depressing, it used to be a fun place, now its just a job to pay the bills, everyone I know union and management can't wait to get out the door.
Billy T:
The B&O ! Baltimore & Ohio R.R.

Sorry … I'm stuck in 1974. My vote is CSX, but I bought stock in UP (Union Pacific) 2 years ago and it has double in that time.

Harry Gams:
CSXT, 'cause I'm familiar with it, although it only operates east of the Mississippi, not throughout the whole USA

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