What is the best way to hold down new plywood floor in a boat?

What works best to keep new 3/4 plywood floor held down in a boat? Nails? Screws? Some sort of glue? Or ?? Let me know the "brand" and or type of "materials" to use


Best Answer:

Justin: Stainless steel screws, though not through the hull or it will leak. You may need to fibreglass some supports to the inside of the hull to screw the floor to. You also need to support the centre not just attach to the sides or it will collapse.

I'm assuming you used marine grade plywood. It should be varnished, painted or coated with fibreglass before fitting or it will rot in no time.

Other answer:

The proper way is to make the floor removable so you can get at the hull under it without ripping it up. Will enable you to clean under the floor, which will accumulate sand, fish guts, and all other dropped items. This is especially important with plywood which will fall apart (effect of sun and sea) and need replacing within a year or two. Make the floor in sections that fit exactly between the hull frames, and put turnable toggles on the frames to hold the floor down.
If you are replacing a plywood floor on a boat, use the same kind of attachments that were used in the old floor.
Greywolf has it right. Where possible make the floor removeable so you can clean & dry under it regularly, otherwise it will quickly rot out . Also prior to installing seal it thoroughly with an epoxy specifically designed for this purpose. DONT use polyester resin it's adhesion to wood is poor.
liquid nails lots of it and screws
i have built a boat out of standard lumber sealed it myself and its been in a boat slip for 6 years

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