What is the closest Amtrak Station to SFO?

I am flying into SFO and need to then take the Amtrak north.

Other answer:

Oakland or San Jose.
well here a suggestion you can take bart north to richmond station
which happen to joint station between bart and amtrak it might not be the*closet* but it will easiest one to get to
{all other station mean going into oakland0
Oakland 's Jack London Station. Can take BART from SFO to Oakland Lake Merritt station and 6 industrial blocks to Jack London. Neighborhood is fine. Mostly Asians. Have to go to Madison street to get to under and pass the freeway. After the freeway will be the industrial side. Ok in the day, night time is a little deserted. Google street view may help
look on the Amtrak web sight it will list all of the stations
Amtrak east