What is the consequence for driving 71mph in a 35 mph zone?

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more than double the speed limit could be reckless driving, which can lead to arrest depending on the laws in your mystery location (this is a global website). If you haven't already gotten caught, stop driving like an a$$h0le
Your ticket is for reckless driving/endangerment. Fines are high. You likely will have license canceled for at least 6 months- 1year. Maximum points on record and very high insurance rates after reinstatement.
I hope they Lock You up for atleast 6 months,…………..71 in a 35 zone,,,,total foolishness
That will be a huge ticket and possibly points off your license. Expect your insurance to go up quite a bit too.
Scott H:
In my state, that's called felony speeding and you could end up in jail. I have no idea about your mystery location.
Change your name to Jesus Christ, because when your car insurance is up for renewal, you're going to be crucified.
Jail I hope